I am offering lessons in person (wether it ́s just a single lesson or a two-day intensive course) or
via skype.

I also do „On-Tour“ lessons if the schedule permits.

For lesson-requests, rates and availability please do not hesitate to get in touch.


– Creative Application of Rudiments on the Drumkit
– Technical Weapons for Extreme Metal Drumming
-> Fingercontrol Technique
-> Moeller Technique
-> Push/Pull Technique
-> Swivel Foot Technique
– Subdivision Study (enhance your playing and sound by using different noterates and shapes)
– Polyrhythm Study (learn how to make use of polyrhythms and how to orchestrate them on the
– Independence and 4-Limb Coordination (reach a state of flexibility on the drumkit, even with
more complex patterns)


Sebastian is rightfully considered as one of the world’s top metal drummers but the one factor that makes
him unique in my opinion is the fact that he just keeps on pushing the boundaries of what we assume is
possible at the drumkit each and every single day. Marthyn Jovanovic